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Inventory Prep

I rarely keep track of time, but during this change of calendar years, I do like to reflect upon the progress and growth I have made. I like to check in on what I may be doing the same or what needs some shifts or uprooting.  

In's inventory season! I thought I'd share some of my wins from 2023 and the things I want to shift for the coming year.

Celebrating 5 Amazing Retreats:

  • Zion in the Winter (my new favorite time to visit)

  • Morocco + The Sahara Desert....just WOW!

  • South African Safari + Cape Town (Too good....I have planned another for 2025!)

  • Acadia National Park + Bass Harbor (feel in love so repeating again in October 2024!)

  • Asheville + Lake Lure (I have been wanting to glamp solo here for years and finally made it happen before my guests arrived. Bucket list #1167....Check!)

I couldn't make any of this happen without the continued support of my loyal and loving friends and students. So many of you feel like family to me and I am beyond grateful to share in our adventures together!

Celebrating an amazing collaboration with my friend and oh-so knowledgeable and talented, Shay Palmer and Mission Yoga where we hosted:

  • 200-hour Teacher Training Programs on the weekends X2 (that's twice...2 amazing groups of new teachers!)

  • Weekend Intensive Yin Teacher Training (Hosting again in April 2024)

  • Assisting Workshop (Diving even deeper into this topic with 35hrs of CEUs in the amazing Dominican Republic Treehouse Village for May 23-28, 2024)

I love offering educational programs to our community. It keeps me learning and growing to prepare these offerings all while passing on my love and passion for safe, healing movements that help humanity gain confidence and freedom in their own skin. We individually can only reach so many people but when training teachers and other fitness influencers and professionals, I know the reach is far more impactful. Thank you to everyone who trusted Shay and me to train and educate you. It is truly an honor.

Personally, and professionally, I completed my next level of certification (E-RYT500) with Caroline Wybar where I learned so much more about yoga and myself. The 9-month long program reconfirmed I am exactly where I need to be because I can really geek out on all things yoga-related, even through Zoom calls!

Oh yeah, and I have always admired other people's ink (aka tattoos) but never knew what I wanted for myself...yes, I have been considering this since I was 18. Well, I finally found an artist fitting my style and vibe and went for it. Thank you, Lucas! I have my next appointment scheduled for January to complete another layer of the final vision!

I had some amazing family time in Maine where I got connected to my roots in the woods, country music, and backcountry roads. These visits feed my soul in ways no other place can. I can't explain it really, but it's a vibe only my heart can feel and these relationships feel so familiar and nourishing. I got to celebrate weddings and holiday festivities while tearing up the dance floor, which is one of my favorite things!

Oh, and I taught more than 350 public yoga classes this year along with over 400 private lessons in home. These numbers BLOW my mind! Thank you to everyone who entrusts me with their bodies, minds, and souls. I feel privileged that you chose me to guide you.

As I look ahead to the year coming our way, I crave more travel to new, exciting places and more visits to Maine, of course. I demand of myself deeper levels of freedom and choose to live it each day as best as I can.

The things I wish to shift are quite simple...I catch myself scrolling social media too often and for too long, so that's a needed shift. I realize my body feels best when I balance strength training with my yoga practice and time outside in nature, whether it's rollerblading, biking, or walking the beach. I commit to moving my body in healthy, healing ways and devoting my downtime to creative writing and reading scripture and other spiritual, thought-provoking materials.

All in all - it's an exciting time and I feel blessed to be alive! Thank you to all those who share in this life with me, whether it's through the screen or more intimately in person, in studio, in the air, or on the trails. I love you.

Now the real question is... How's your inventory looking?   What are you investing more into?  What are you selling/letting go of?

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