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Why do we question ourselves?

I observe this behavior frequently in yoga classes and in the world.

Let's use yoga as an example. Throughout class, I queue poses like Warrior II. From there, I ask students to lift the left arm and lower the right into Exalted Warrior. Most people follow accordingly.

Inevitably, someone who got it right questions themselves and looks around for validation. Unfortunately, they often spot a yogi who accidentally got it wrong, doubt their original choice, and switch to the incorrect arm to align with the person beside them.

This example isn't a big deal and doesn't bother me as a teacher. I usually make a joke along the lines of, "please trust yourself and don't look around because others don’t know what they’re doing either." Then I add a little chuckle and smile.

But this consistent pattern got me thinking deeper.


This instinctive behavior is troubling and can be very dangerous!

We all have such wisdom and insight from God, the universe, or whatever you want to call it, yet we don't lean into that knowledge.

We quiet the inner voice, suggesting we shouldn't walk down that dark street alone. We follow crowds in lines even when they’re going the wrong way. We question our listening skills in class and end up confused. All because we trusted something or someone outside of ourselves.

So please, STOP following others and listen to your inner wisdom. Trust that you were paying attention and did hear the directions correctly. Trust that what works for you may not work for most, and that's OK because a higher source is guiding you on a unique, individual path.

Trust your inner compass, whether in a yoga class or a new city. And if you get confused from your right and left sides, who cares. Just make sure you get both sides next time.

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