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The Standard was SET!

I'll never forget attending The Standard Spa in Miami for the first time over 15+ years ago.  Here's a quick glimpse into the past.

I had graduated college a few years before, moved to Florida, and was still acting like I was on spring break. I was bartending at a local hot spot in Boca Raton, which didn't help matters. My friends and I would party at least 4 nights a week, as most people in our age bracket did then.

I had just gotten into yoga, like dipped my toe in, but still very noncommittal.  I was the only person in my family and group of friends who had begun my journey of shifting my lifestyle to a healthier way of living. I say this because at times it felt like I was swimming upstream in a solo voyage without anyone I was close with at the time. It felt lonely and intimidating but something in me couldn't turn back.

I wanted to stop destroying my body and be able to wake up in a timely manner to attend class. This transition didn't happen overnight, nor was it a peaceful process. I gradually had to pull away from childhood friendships in order to pursue my calling. It wasn't easy and looking back I think I could have handled it far better than I did. But live and learn.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand...The Standard, please forgive the detour, but I wanted to paint the picture of where I was during this stage of life. So, back to 15+ years ago, I attended a yoga teacher's class on a Saturday night, similar to the classes I host today. I couldn't believe I had driven to Miami BY MYSELF and had an amazing time without ONE sip of alcohol on a Saturday night! It seems silly to me now, since my bi-monthly travels to The Standard are now the only night I go out. Haha! But back then this was monumental for me! I couldn't believe there was more to do on a weekend than hang out at a bar or nightclub or attend a concert or festival. WOW!

I felt I had entered a whole new realm of endless possibilities! I thought, how cool if I could teach here someday. God aligned so many things to match me up with the spa director at the time. That's a wild story in itself but I'll save it for another time.

Now over 10+ years later, I absolutely love hosting students at this special oasis. It feels like a second home and I am honored that the team invites me back year after year to be on the teaching roster.

I hope you can join me on June 15th for a full-day Detox + Balance Retreat.  We will enjoy 12 hours on the property together doing yoga, having thoughtful conversations, playing in the pool, spa, cold plunge, eating, taking a nap in the hammock, reading a book, and whatever your heart desires!

Can't attend June 15?  Stay in touch with me on Instagram to join other upcoming events and retreats!

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