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Dear Savasana,

I had the assignment of writing a letter to savasana during my 500hr teacher training program last year. I found the assignment charming and a creative way of expressing such a spiritual and crucial aspect of the yoga practice. 

For those non-yogis that don't know what savasana is, it's the last portion of a yoga class where we lay on the floor, usually on our backs with palms facing up and maybe a rolled-up blanket or bolster under our knees.  It's the time where students have the opportunity to meditate and just be still. It can often feel welcomed and amazing to be there. Other times it can feel tormenting and I can be fidgeting in my mind or in my body. During my infant stages of yoga (the first 3 years of practicing) I remember celebrating the times in savasana where I wouldn't itch or open my eyes or physically move. Over a decade later, I have trained my body to be still with no movements and it feels natural and effortless, however my mind often has a different agenda. Here's a glimpse at my relationship with Savasana that I discovered thru this assignment given to me by one of my amazing teachers, Caroline Wybar.

Dear Savasana,

It's not you, it's me. I know I take you for granted. I value and appreciate all that you have done for me. You are so consistent and generous. There are times when we sync up so beautifully and effortlessly and then other times when it feels like a war zone. I know that's on me. The exterior world can feel so tempting and consuming that I often have a difficult time disconnecting from it all. When I am able to disconnect, I feel the benefits.  I feel the peace envelope my being so much so I feel an outer body connection with my creator that I can only imagine is a glimpse of heaven and the afterlife we can look forward to when we reach a different realm.  

You have helped me through tough times and blessed me with so many wonderful ideas. Thank you. 

I commit to showing up and doing my part. I will always be grateful, but I can't promise consistent roses and chocolates. It may be messy as it so often already has been, but I will show up and do my best. I know that's all you ask of me. I love you for that and I appreciate your unwavering service on my behalf. You demonstrate a great level of unconditional love and support. Thank you. I love and appreciate you.

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