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Are Retreats For Me?

I've been hosting retreats since 2015 and have had the privilege of meeting all walks of life along the way as we jet around the globe.

I have many retreat guests return year after year because they love the new adventures and friends, they meet with each unique destination they choose. They are brave enough to sign up without knowing a soul (well except for their fearless yoga teacher and host, AKA yours truly :)

But what if you don't feel that brave or comfortable?  

What if you don't want that much daily activity or yoga?  

What if you aren't feeling social enough for so much group interaction?

All these questions and concerns are legit! AND each retreat group and destination does have its own dynamic, BUT I can promise you won't be left out, you will feel loved, and appreciated, AND if you want to take a break or sit out on an activity or yoga class... that's OK!

And if the group van rides are too much for your Spidey senses ....well put your headphones on and take a nap or listen to your favorite jams. Guests do it ALL the time.

I honor that this time is for YOU. YOU made the commitment to take time off from work commitments, family responsibilities, and daily routines so YOU get to choose how you want to spend the time.  

Of course, I will always keep the group's needs in mind and we often pivot and accommodate everyone one way or another so it always works out in everyone's favor.  

So, I invite you to trust the process, book that retreat, call me, and ask questions. Let's figure out a trip that will suit your dreams and desires.  

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