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Do you want my opinion?

We Americans can be so arrogant and pompous. This could be argued on many different levels but I'm specifically referring to how we communicate with others. We act as though other people always want to hear from us and our opinions hold weight or importance in their decisions and lives.  

The truth is....they don't! Our opinions aren't the truth and other people don't always care to hear about what we think. But we say it, scream it, or write it anyway. Instead of jamming our opinions down our friends, families, colleagues' throats, what if we just sat back and listened? It's a simple thing in nature. It's a far more valuable thing in relationships. Just listen.

After listening for a bit, we could pause and say something like, "Do you want my opinion or advice?"  WOW! Wouldn't that be marvelous!  If the answer is "No", then that's ok!  Keep it to yourself. If the answer is "Yes", well then by all means let the flood gates open, but tread lightly.  

This simple shift in communication could be a great way to reposition the way things land with others. Maybe our ideas and opinions could be more easily received or hold more value. Maybe our relationships could be more harmonious and peaceful. At least that's my hope and intention in sharing. Happy listening!

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Agreed! I'm not always great at holding my opinions inside. But when I suppress the urge to speak and ask questions instead, the person usually finds their way to an insight or resolution that's far more valuable than my hot take.

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