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Dedicated to My Self-Care (even during the holidays)

When extensive traveling or unforeseen circumstances interrupt my typical schedule, my self-care can take a beating. Constant doing at the expense of rest and play is always a red flag and one I have learned (the hard way) to pay attention to.

You see, I notice physical and mental patterns when I don't make time to do what I love and need (i.e., yoga class, rollerblading, traveling, praying, getting a massage, reading motivational books).

I get grumpy, self-conscious, distracted, resentful, and envious. That isn't me, nor are these the qualities I choose to give energy to. YIKES! When this happens, I realize I better change something quickly!

I have learned that no matter what is going on or what I have to say "no" to, I must stay dedicated to the level of self-care that keeps me sane and looking and feeling my best. So, I schedule it and make it a non-negotiable. No matter what! Sometimes carving out time for self-care requires professional sacrifices, but I know it's for the greater good.

So I ask, when do you carve out time for yourself? How do you care for yourself? What do you love to do? Do you need to make more time to do it? What do you need to make a non-negotiable?

The holidays are the best time to pause, reflect on what matters, and reset for a nourishing year ahead.

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