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Rediscovering faith in humanity on my Zion retreat

On last month's retreat to Zion National Park, I hiked the famous Angel’s Landing with a group of adventurous yogis. The sights were extraordinary, the weather was a perfect 65 degrees with clear skies and a cool breeze. And the thrill was like nothing I have ever experienced.

Throughout the hike we saw narrow switchback red rock paths–which could challenge anyone with a fear of heights–turn into steep rocks. This is where every hiker had to hold a single chain link anchored into the rocks to climb the trail.

Let me first confess I didn’t complete the entire trail. I like to think it gave me a reason to return in the near future (p.s. the next Zion retreat is scheduled!). But what I witnessed while climbing the shaky chains step by step was hope in humanity. I witnessed everyone–all different shapes, colors, ages, athletic abilities, ethnicities, and classes working together.

Everyone was patient and constantly communicating about who could go when, what rock to hold onto, and which step to take as we navigated around one another on this human obstacle course. It was comforting to know everyone had safety at the top of mind. And it was uplifting to see everyone so willing to wait for others to go on in front of them. It was inspiring to see everyone working together.

More than anything, I wish we could all visualize this scene when the news media tries to dramatize and divide us as people. Let’s remember we are all God’s children independently and collectively.

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Love this post! So true! Best to turn off “the news” because it’s not news anyways, it is continuous attempts at creating division. Thanks for sharing this story of a group of people uniting through hiking & nature’s beauty.

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