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Collaboration....what took me so long?

I am an only child and not just that, but a VERY independent only child. I was the first grandchild for years on both my mom's and dad's sides of the family. I grew up having great childhood friends and memories. Many memories were of me spending hours upon hours entertaining myself with arts and crafts.

Needless to say, Entrepreneurship came naturally to me. I know how to wear many different hats and can function quite happily without other people's opinions or input. I have the ability, after much help from my spiritual mentor, to separate my self-worth apart from my business. So, when projects I was really excited about and fully invested in and committed to didn't have as much success as I had hoped, I had to take a step back.

I'm not really sure how it all came about...which is always a clear sign in my spiritual work that it was/is a straight gift from the Almighty God. What is this "it" I am referring to exactly? Well, it's a collaboration, a partnership, a joining of forces if you will with another local, well respected Yoga teacher in my community, Shay Palmer, owner of Mission Yoga.

We started having coffee dates and realizing how similar our career paths were and how much we had in common. We had always gotten along when we crossed paths at community events, but had never really taken the time to get to know one another. During these conversations over a frothy latte at our favorite local spots we both found it fulfilling and inspiring to have a peer we could have intimate conversations with and not feel any sort of competition or strife. We both are very successful in our own ways but then the idea came in...what if we could do better together?

Again, we both don't even know how we initiated the collaboration. It wasn't like past ventures where one of us was vetting for the other. This one seemed natural and effortless, maybe one could even define it as accidental. Even though I don't believe in accidents...(perhaps another post for another time).

Regardless of how it began, we just completed our first 200-hour teacher training course together and the reviews were box office worthy! We were a hit!

It made me realize once again that with the right person, company, partner, or support, we humans are far more impactful when we can work together. The message is nothing new. We know this and yet sometimes we allow pride, ego, or greed to keep us from amazing opportunities. Please don't think my message here today is to jump in bed (figuratively speaking) with the next person who shows interest in your business. It takes unique circumstances and personalities to fit cooperatively together. Many times, I have learned people don't always have me or my business's best interest at heart therefore it doesn't work out. But this one, this one is working! And we have so much more in store for the future!

So, Shay, thank you for making this independent only child open and grateful for having a comrade in this unique career we get to share the practice of yoga through.

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